Admixture to Concrete "Termit VU"

Water-Retaining (Stabilizing) Admixture For Concretes And Solutions "Termit VU"

Description of material:
Termit VU is a complex plasticizing, water-retaining (stabilizing) admixture for building solutions and concretes with obvious effect of set time lag. It is used during production of building and mortar mixtures with longer remoldability keeping period. 
Termit VU corresponds the demands of mortar admixtures EN 934-2:2001, DSTU БВ.2.7-171-2008, NEQ.


  • Mortar solutions;
  • Plaster solutions;
  • Construction of heat-saving, fencing structure; 
  • Arrangement of floor cement screeds;
  • Nonshrink grouts; 
  • Spackling solutions;


Next advantages are achieved when using admixture:

  • Long period of preservation of mobility of mortar mixtures (up to 6 hours);
  • Permits to enlarge the frost resistance of  fastened solution or concrete;
  • Wide range of small fillers usage;
  • At the expense of sucked-in air the volume of ready solution enlarges for 10...15% in relation to total volume of added components, which leads to material economy.
  • Improves smoothness of the solution there are no layerness and water gain.

Technical description

  • Color: From yellow to light brown color liquid  
  • Cans: 10, 20 kg 
  • Barrel: 200 kg 
  • Container: 1000 kg  

Conditions and period of storage
Keep from pollution, exposure to direct sunlight. When transporting without original package clean containers should be used. In not damaged original package storage period is 12 months. After long storage it needs to be stirred before usage.

Technical characteristics

  • Density: 1030±10 kg/m3
  • pH level: 7±1,0
  • Concentration of solution: 25±1%
  • Chlorides content:  ≤ 0,1 %
  • Content of sucked-in air:  10...15

Recommendations for usage

  • Possible dosage: 0,5 - 1,5 % from concrete weight.
  • Recommended dosage of superplasticizer: 1 - 1,2 % from concrete weight.

Preparation of concrete mixture
Termit VU is ready-for-usage liquid admixture which is necessary to add to concretes or solutions with make-up water. Impossible to add to dry mixture! For maximal effectiveness it is efficient to provide enough time of mixture stirring after adding the admixture (approximately 5 ...10 min)

All technical data are given based on certified researches and correspond the demands of  EN 934-2:2001, DSTU БВ.2.7-171-2008, NEQ. Real characteristics can vary depending on the quality of fillers.

Safety measures
To get information and advice as to safe treatment, storage and utilization of chemical products users should check chart of hazards, which contains physical, ecological, toxicological and other data connected with safety.

Legal data
Information, and in particular, recommendations which relate to the method of usage and final usage of Private Company "Termit" are given carefully based on existing experience and knowledge of  Private Company "Termit" about products on condition of proper storage of product, its treatment and usage in normal conditions according to recommendations of Private Company "Termit". In practice there can be possible differences in quality of material which are used for mortar preparation that is why the usage rate of admixture needs to be defined for each situation separately. Company "Termit" reserves the right to change the composition of its product. All orders are received according to current actual conditions of sales and delivery. Users should always use the latest version of technical chart of material of appropriate type, copies of which should be issued at their demand.

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