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Private company Termit

The company has worked at the Ukrainian market for more then 20 years, its production is based on the inestimable experience of many Ukrainian scientists.

The main  principles of the company are - longstanding developments, researches, the newest technologies acceptance and the most important is to benefit by its activity with the help of science.

PC Termit works in the development of advanced technologies in chemical and building industry. The produced  PHMGH (Polyhexamethylene guanidine hydrochloride) is used in Ukraine more and more.

The manufacture is equipped with the newest and the most modern facility with the use of automated system control.

The outlet of the materials for flocculants and antiseptic agents was developed, patented and adjusted by joint efforts of the scientists of Dnipropetrovsk chemical-engineering University.

Termit Rivne is the exclusive company in Ukraine which makes synthesis and produces PHMGH product (Polyhexamethylene guanidine hydrochloride), PHMGH phosphate, PHMGH biguanidin as materials for production of drinking water purification agents (sodium hypochloride substitute) for the water canals of Ukraine.

The main feature of  PHMGH which makes it different from other antiseptic agents is a long-lasting effect because of the agent microfilm formation on the worked surface.

With other words the treatment of  PHMGH surfaces like metal, wood, textile, paper, plastic and others provides them with hard biocide characteristics.

It was organized the outlet and production on the basis of high technologies of natural organic fertilizers “Rivne humates” made of peat. Pottasium humate, ammonium humate, sodium humate.

Termit company is ready to provide the free consultations and necessary  documentation for those who wants to start and organize business with antiseptic agents production.

Termit company has it’s own place and works in single and unique production niche in Ukraine.

It’s production is worthy presented at the market and people who work there understand that the quality of the production is company’s image. Hardworking and dedicated employees –are a steady basis of every successful business.

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