Fosforan PHMG


PHMG-phosphate is a polycationic electrolyte that has a unique combination of physical, chemical and biocidal features, which make this polymer, the same as poly-hexamethylene-guanidine hydrochloride (PHMG HCH), used almost in every sector of national economy.

Keeping all biocidal properties of PHMG-hydrochloride, PHMG-phosphate is characterized by the absence of corrosive chlorine ions in the molecule of agent, what significantly expands the range of its function.

PHMG-phosphate's scopes of application, besides those where PHMG-hydrochloride is applicable, are:

  • It is used in circulation water supply systems as a component of acid corrosion inhibitors to prevent the biofouling of those systems;
  • It is used as a component of preparations for the treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis;
  • It is used as the main active ingredient in the installation (“soft”) liniment gels, that are used in the maxillo-facial surgery;
  • It is used as a water-reducing admixture and an additive for strength enhancement of cement mortar and concrete;
  • As one of the main components of composite impregnating fire-retardant agent for the biological fire defence of wood materials and fabric.

The commodity form of PHMG-phosphate delivering in a private company "Termite" is a clear 25% solution packaged in any convenient for the consumer plastic containers with a capacity from 10 to 1000 litters.

The product quality is ensured by constant control of the production-measuring laboratory of the company, which is certified by the public enterprise "Rivnestandartmetrologiya" to carry out measurements outside the scope of state metrological control.

In each production-run the final content of the monomer - hexamethylenediamine is monitored by vapor-liquid chromatography and doesn't exceed 0,05%.

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