We form a distribution network in different fields in particular:

  1. Agroindustrial complex (Range of own produced fertilizers, organic manures, organomineral fertilizers and microfertilizers);
  2. Decontamination (Raw materials/Solutions/Agents);
  3. Polymers (polyhexamethyleneguanidine hydrochloride PHMH- hydroquinone) ;
  4. Construction (additive for injection grouting, Equipments for  biohazard protection of surface and bioprotective impregnating agent for protecting wood, products made from foam plastic).
 We ask for cooperation:
  • Manufacturers of  agro-industrial complex, Distributors, Farms, Agro-shops, Agro-Internet Portals;
  • Transport companies (including rolling stock of all types of transport, Stations, Airports, Sea and river harbors), etc ...
  • Health Care Institutions, Penitentiary Service, Rehabilitation and recreation institutions, Sports facilities, Laboratories of different conformation, Enterprises of food and processing industry;
  • Pharmaceutical Industry, Chemical Industry, Bio-industry, Perfume and Cosmetic Production and Microbiological Industry;
  • Military units, Objects of service industry, objects of recreation and entertainment, objects of municipal-domestic aspects, objects of restaurant business and trade, establishments (offices) of communication, banking institutions.
Е-mail : termit.pf.rivne@gmail.com
Тel.:  +38 (0362) 61 83 64; +38 (067) 362 10 53
Sale department: +38 (098) 199 98 42
Address: Rivne region, Rivne district, v. Horodok, 145 «В» Baron Shteinhel street  
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