PHMB-HCH refers to a class of polymeric antimicrobial agents based on guanidine.

The distinctive feature of PHMB-HCH is the presence of several guanidine groups in a molecule that enhances its bactericidal activity.

The lethal action of PHMB-HCH is the irreversible destruction of important cellular components of viruses and bacteria because of cytoplasmic membrane damage. Lethal sequence is a number of physiological and cytological changes in a cell that include:

  • The strong attraction PHMB-HCH to the surface of bacteria;
  • The attachment to receptive areas on the surface;
  • The overcoming of bacterial defence mechanism;
  • Bringing to the cytoplasmic membrane;
  • The leaking-out of cytoplasmic components with low molecular weight (e.g., potassium), and inhibition of enzymes contained in the membrane (e.g., adenosinetriphosphatase);
  • An extensive destruction of cytoplasmic membrane, efflux of macromolecular components (e.g., nucleotides);
  • The landing of the cell content.

Besides, if to compare to PHMB-HCH, increased content of nitrogen in the molecule of poly-hexamethylene-biguanide makes it a perspective product used for fireproofing composition, where the main mechanism of the product action is the evolution of nitrogen gas in the process of melting in the seat of the fire.

The main application fields of PHMB-HCH are:

  • Substances for the production of disinfectants, preservatives, bactericides, antimicrobial reagents, biocidal additives. VANTOCIL is the best-known imported germicide based on PHMB-HCH;
  • The base for the production of fungicides (antifungal) products;
  • The usage in the medical and veterinary disinfection, disinfection in the food industry, disinfection of ventilation and air conditioning, disinfection of railway transport and subway, disinfection of municipal facilities, children's and educational institutions;
  • Cleaning and disinfection of water, including centralized and decentralized drinking water consumption, drinking and industrial water during transportation over long distances, the water back-systems for technical and drinking water;
  • The disinfection of premises surfaces, equipment, containers and auxiliary equipment;
  • As one of the main components of composite impregnating fire-retardant agent for the biological fire defence of wood materials and fabric.

The commodity form of PHMB-HCH delivering in a private company "Termite" is a clear 20% solution with acidity pH=4-6, which is packaged in any convenient for the consumer plastic containers with a capacity from 10 to 1000 litters.

The product quality is ensured by constant control of the production-measuring laboratory of the company, which is certified by the public enterprise "Rivnestandartmetrologiya" to carry out measurements outside the scope of state metrological control.

In each production-run the final content of the monomer - hexamethylenediamine is monitored by vapor-liquid chromatography and doesn't exceed 0,05%.

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