The agent for biological protection of building material surfaces “Termit-S” is an aqueous solution of poly-hexamethylene-guanidine hydrochloride. “Termit-S” is used to protect the roof surface, mineral and wood building materials from moss, fungi and lichens damage, to disinfect the surfaces of building materials that are already damaged by fungi, lichen and moss of different species to remove them and prevent damage.

Besides the solution of poly-hexamethylene-guanidine hydrochloride, it contains special functional additives that prevents the run-off of preparation from the surface, treated for a disinfection. It is odorless, does not contain in its composition salt of heavy metals and does not lead to timber repainting.

By drying, it forms a thin elastic film on the surface, which provides sustained fungicidal activity.

The efficiency of "Termit" is confirmed by tests that were carried out in the Ukrainian Research Institute of Nanobiotechnologies and Resource-Saving.

Physical and chemical features of "Termit-S":

  • Physical form: transparent, colourless, with weak opalescence or with a yellowish cast liquid;
  • Hydrogen ion concentration of water solution: pH 8 - 12;
  • Non-volatile matter content: 7 - 11 %.

Method of application:

  • Before applying “Termit-S” on the undamaged surface, it’s recommended to carry out the surface cleaning from mudding, organic and mineral substances;
  • The application of "Termit-S" is carried out by brushes or airbrushes directly on the affected surfaces or those that are planned to protect from possible defeat. The recommended consumption is up to 250 g per 1 m2.
  • To improve the effectiveness of the agent on the moss, fungi or lichens it is recommended to carry out the reprocessing of surfaces in 3 days after the primary treatment.

The commodity form of “Termit-S” delivering are solutions, packed in plastic bottles or cans of 0,5 - 10 litres, or other convenient for the consumer, plastic packaging.

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