The agent “Termit” is used for the wood protection from mold, wood-staining and wood-destroying fungi and decontamination of wood that has been already damaged by fungi with a purpose of removing and preventing further damage. It does not contain salt of heavy metals.

It does not lead to timber repainting.

Methods of application:

  • The humidity of object entitled to bioprotective processing should not exceed 30%.
  • The measurements may be carried out with the help of electrical hygrometer.
  • Before applying the agent “Termite”, wood surface should be cleaned of dirt and dust, resin inundation, oiling stains, and if required, tried up. It is not required to apply the agent “Termit” on the surface previously covered with drying oil or paint, or without pre-treatment.
  • Impregnation of wood with the agent “Termit” should not be taken out at a temperature lower than + 50 °C with a brush, roller or sprayer.
  • The application of agent should be carried out evenly, without gaps, cracks, and thoroughly soaking the junction of individual parts.
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