Polyhexamethyleneguanidine hydrochloride (PHMH-HCH)

PHMH-hydrochloride – is a polycationic electrolyte, which has a unique combination of physicochemical and biocidal properties that enable this polymer to be used in all spheres of national economy.

PHMH-HCH is colorless and scentless, fire-proof, explosion-proof, completely water-soluble, alcohol-soluble. It neither loses its properties at subzero temperatures nor decomposes. It retains its physicochemical and biocidal properties up to the temperature of +120оС

PHMH-HCH refers to biocides of broad range of antimicrobial characteristics towards gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, viruses (including viruses of enteral and parenteral hepatitis, HIV, poliomyelitis, influenza, herpes etc.), fungi, including mold, yeast and yeast-like, candida, candidiasis, dermatophytes.

It has deodorant action, provide treated surfaces with long-term germ-kill effect, which can last from 3 days to 8 months depending on the surface and other external factors. This makes this product a unique biocide of “durable action”.

Application fields of PHMH-HCH are:

  • Substances for the production of disinfectants, preservatives, bactericides, antimicrobial reagents, biocidal additives;
  • The base for the production of fungicides (antifungal) products;
  • The usage in the medical and veterinary disinfection, disinfection in the food industry, disinfection of ventilation and air conditioning, disinfection of railway transport and subway, disinfection of municipal facilities, children's and educational institutions;
  • Cleaning and disinfection of water, including centralized and decentralized drinking water consumption, drinking and industrial water during transportation over long distances, the water back-systems for technical and drinking water;
  • The disinfection of premises surfaces, equipment, containers and auxiliary equipment;
  • As an additive for making biocidal paint, providing polymers, concrete, wood, resin charge with biocidal properties.

The commodity form of PHMH-HCH delivering in a private company "Termite" are pieces with PHMH-HCH from 95% to 98%, which are packaged in solid polyethylene bags weighting 10 kg. Each two bags are put into a box of three-layer corrugated cardboard, which provides comfortable transportation and use.

At the request of consumers, PHMH-HCH can be produced in the form of solutions with dry substance of up to 50%.

The product quality is ensured by constant control of the production-measuring laboratory of the company, which is certified by the public enterprise "Rivnestandartmetrologiya" to carry out measurements outside the scope of state metrological control.

In each production-run the final content of the monomer - hexamethylenediamine is monitored by vapor-liquid chromatography and doesn't exceed 0,05%.

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