Fertilizers are used to improve nutrition of plants, soil features and yield gain. It is very important to choose fertilizers depending on the soil type, its individual attributes and needs of a particular crop.

Highly effective organic fertilizers for the plant-root, foliar fertilizing of crops, preplant treatment of seeds, rooting of cutting and seedlings.

Fertilizers stimulate the growth and development of plants, enhance plant immunity to diseases, frost and drought and facilitate seedling and sapling rooting and the growth of humic substances in the soil.

The advantages of "Rivne humates"

  • The manufacturing process of "Rivne humates" provides a highly efficient separation of inorganic ballast (sand and ash) that typically forms up to 30% of the organic raw materials that goes to recycling. It allows significantly increase the content of humates in the dry residue of the output.
  • The employed method of foam breaking, which is formed during the manufacturing process, allows producing a product with a high solids content (up to 15% compared to 9-10% in the similar products of other manufacturers). In other words, "Rivne humates" are more concentrated.
  • The unique equipment is used in the process of manufacturing, what allows almost completely remove the humates from organic materials into solution. As a result, the content of humic salts in the final product is up to 10-13% in contrast to the 4-5% in the similar products of other small manufacturers.
Crop   1- leaf-feeding (increase in productivity) rate of application, l/ha 2- leaf-feeding (improvement in quality) rate of application, l/ha
Phase of use Phase of use
Cereals Winter crops, spring crops End of tillering and beginning of leaf-tube formation 1 Earing 1
Legumes Peas, soya the 3rd-5th leaf 1 the 9th-11th leaf 1
Industrial crops Tilled crops Maize the 5th-7th leaf 1 Beginning of budding 1
Oilseed crops Sunflower 2-3 pairs of leaves 1 Anthodium formation 1
Oilseed crops Flax "Fair"-like phase 1 Budding 1
Oilseed crops Rape 4 true leaves 1 Budding 1
Tilled crops Potatoe After emergence 1 Budding
Tilled crops Sugar beetroot 2-3 pairs of true leaves 1 Beginning of crop closing 1
Tilled crops Tobacco Phase of ears 1 In 10-14 days after transplanting 1
Feeder greens Perennial crops and annual crops Formation of 3-4 pairs of leaves 1 Every 10-14 days 1
Vegetable crops Cucumbers, tomatoes, pepper, eggplant, marrow 3-4 leaves 1 Budding, every 10-14 days 1
Garlic, seed onion After emergence 1 In 10-14 days 1
Carrot, onion, gabbage, small radish, garden radish, lettuce, red beet After emergence 1 In 10-14 days 1
Gourds Water-melon, muskmelon the 3rd-5th leaf 1 Before blossoming 1
Flower crops, floricultural crops Coniferous crops, deciduous crops, flower crops Before blossoming 4 Fruit-setting formation 6
Fruit crops, fruit and berry crops Stone fruit crops, bushy fruit crops,pomaceous fruit crops Before blossoming 4 Fruit-setting formation 6
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